We Produce 100% Grass-Fed Beef, Goat and Lamb in the Ottawa Region

Alpenblick Farm


Our Story

Alpenblick Farm just might be the closest thing to going to Switzerland that you will ever experience.

Surrounded by classic Swiss paraphernalia – from cuckoo clocks to beautiful oversized cowbells, Alpenblick which means ‘mountain view’ in German, conjures up visions of snow covered alps, animals grazing in alpine meadows, green valleys, chalet-dotted hillsides, and the bucolic sounds of cow bells.

Here, near Ashton, half an hour from downtown Ottawa, Robert and Petra have created something of an “homage” to his place of birth.

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"Alpenblick Farm’s meat is so delicious and fresh that it’s impossible for us to buy meat from the grocery store. Now that we have gotten used to the high-quality meat sold by Robert and Petra, we cannot get over the “smell” of grocery store meat. We regularly buy beef, lamb and goat meat from Alpenblick farm. Thank you Robert and Petra for everything you do to make healthy food available to the community."
— Fatima and Jacob

"Jacob and I have been coming to the farm for years. It's one of our favourite things to do together. Petra and Robert work day in and day out to provide the community with the best quality products you can buy. We now buy all of our meat and honey products from the farm and can't recommend it to our friends and family enough. There is no better food source in our opinion and we feel great about investing in our health, especially knowing where everything comes from and their process. It gives our family peace of mind."

— Jess and Jacob

"Your lamb is the best I’ve ever had. Happy lambs make beautiful meat!"
— Judith

"The meat from your farm is absolutely superior. I will certainly return, and I hope to bring a friend or two with me. It is very important to me that you are humane with your animals."
— Joanne

"I have to tell you–your goat meat is the best we have ever tasted. It was superb. The taste is delicious, the meat is tender–oh yes–we will be back for more. And for weight loss not much can pass it’s nutrition, calorie count/oz, saturated fat etc. Couldn’t be better.  Thank you so much."
- Janice Newman

"We love knowing we exactly where our food comes from and want to thank you Petra and Robert for giving our community the opportunity to source such high quality products."
— Paige

"I want to thank you so much for what you do. I know that you work so hard to provide your customers with such high quality meat, and I want you to know that it is appreciated. I wish you could have seen Juliana last night at the supper table. We were eating flank steak from your farm and she couldn’t get enough. She demanded more over and over and was just so happy eating it. It brought tears to my eyes to see her enjoying food so much."
— Kim

"Thanks so much for having us on Saturday, we all had a fantastic time in your farm and the kids really really enjoyed it. We hope we didn’t stayed too long! We were having such a great time with you and the animals. After visiting the farm we all felt wonderful, I don’t know if it was the energy in your farm, the animals, or the milk but we all felt relaxed, happier… just better! Hopefully we can visit you sometime this summer."
— Paola Mateus

"I wanted to write to you both and say thank you so much for sharing your farm with us.  Barbara told us she was coming and that we could join her, we had no idea how fantastic your farm is and how open and wonderful you both are. Thank you very much, it was a very meaningful experience for us."
— Bradlee Zrudlo

"My family and I came out to your farm several weeks ago to buy some beef. It was delicious! We really enjoyed all of the meat we bought."
— Colleen

"Just writing to say thank you for the delicious meat we’ve got several weeks ago! It was really great, compared to everything that we tried before."
— Vasily Ponomarev

Thank you Ottawa Region


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We produce and sell a wide variety of premium organic food products, including 100% grass-fed beef, goat and lamb, organic chicken and turkey, pastured eggs, honey, maple syrup and organic juice powders.

How To Pickup Your Food

During checkout using our online order system, you'll select one of the following options:

Pickup at the Farm

Visit the farm and the animals when you pick up your order.

Pickup at 1 Donald Street (by the river)

Every second Saturday, we deliver to 1 Donald Street, Ottawa, from 12-2:30pm.

Home Delivery

We will deliver directly to your home if you live within 1 hour of our farm, minimum order of $250 + $20 delivery. For more information, please call 613-291-5764.

Alpenblick farm grass fed beef cattle

Our Animals

On our beautiful 200-acre farm, all the animals are free to roam wherever they want, whenever they want. This stress free environment creates healthy and happy animals. They are very friendly, including our bulls Boris and Dasher, our beautiful Jersey cows Peggy, Jujube and Martina, our Great Pyrenees Dog Zena and many more pets.  Our animals are raised on grass and hay, and grow naturally on our organic farm.  No soy, no corn, no GMOs.  Only the best care for our animals!

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Visit Alpenblick Farm

Feel free to give us a call or stop by the farm.  We are open to the public Tuesday to Saturday, from 11am to 5pm. So pick up some healthy food for you and your loved ones and enjoy a nutritious meal.




8138 Golf Club Way in Ashton, Ontario

At the Gate:

When you arrive at our gate, don't be shy!  Swing it open, drive in, close the gate behind you, and drive down our 1 km-long driveway enjoying the scenery!  Once parked, ring the bell and walk through the small gate into our yard.  We will be out shortly to greet you. If you don't see us please call 613-291-5764.

Don't forget your cooler to keep your food frozen on the drive home!

volunteer at alpenblick farm

Volunteer & Apprenticeship Program

Inspiring The Next Generation of Regenerative Farmers!

Want to learn more about regenerative agriculture or help out on the farm?  Apply for our volunteer or apprenticeship programs and learn everything involved in taking care of the animals on our farm, from season to season, and how our farm business works.


Petra's Cookbook


Get 10 Mouthwatering Grass Fed Beef, Lamb and Goat Recipes, Absolutely Free!