Grass-Fed Beef, Goat, and Lamb


An Organic Tradition since 1972

If you’re looking for grass-fed beef, and grass-finished beef (year round), goat and lamb (seasonal), pastured eggs, Swiss Mountain cheese, cheese curds, kefir, honey, and maple syrup, visit us at the farm!


Visit Us!


We welcome you Mon to Sat from 11:00am to 6pm at our farm. For special visits, call 613-253-2640 or e-mail alpenblickfarm@sympatico.ca!

We sell our products every 2nd Saturday during summer and winter, from 10:00am to 2pm at Pico de Gallo on 381 Montreal Rd.

We deliver to locations in Ottawa for a $15 fee and a minimum order of $100. Please inquire.