Our Story

The glue that holds this couple together is their passion and love for their animals. Both the stock they raise for meat production, and the numerous pets that have found their way into their lives, are treated with much affection and care.


Robert Oechsli

Robert grew up on a mountainside farm in the Simme Valley in Switzerland from where Simmental cattle originate. After leaving Switzerland as a young man, he spent time in England working as a chef.

After a lifechanging accident which left him unable to tolerate long hours of standing in a kitchen, Robert became a dog trainer for the Royal Airforce – for the purpose of detecting narcotics and explosives. He eventually applied for a contract in Ottawa training dogs for the RCMP and, in 1968, ended up moving to the land that is now the legendary Alpenblick Farm.

Petra Stevenson

Petra Stevenson

Petra grew up in Germany and then moved to Vancouver Island in 1989, three years later ending up in the Ottawa region.

Before farming, Petra worked many years in billboard advertising and marketing, and also has taught fitness for almost 25 years.  She specializes in back problems and offers exercise programs to strengthen the core and the mind.  You can find her classes advertised at the Almonte Fitness Center.

Petra's vast knowledge in nutrition has given her an excellent basis to help customers with advise and suggestions on how to improve their health with food.

Our Passions


  • We raise grass fed beef, goat and lamb
  • We produce honey, kefir, cheese curds and swiss mountain cheese

Nutrition Coaching

  • We love teaching people about nutrient dense food and sharing recipes
  • We are a proud distributor of Barley life and other organic juice powders from AIM
  • Petra practices Reiki on the farm animals to support their health

Teaching the Next Generation of Farmers

Public Appearances

  • We participate in agricultural events, fairs, and cooking demos
  • We are vendors at 1 Donald Street in Ottawa, every second Saturday of the year
  • Our farm was featured in an exciting video on CTV News

Summer Camps & Field Trips for School Children

summer camps at alpenblick farm

We love educating children about healthy living and showing them where food comes from.  Our farm is an educational environment for schools, families and everybody that is interested in staying healthy while protecting our planet.  We offer a very interesting learning experience throughout the year.

We love to teach all about sustainable organic farming.  We are open to school field trips and visits to the farm! Contact us today and setup a visit for your students.

Call us at 613-253-2640 | info@alpenblickfarm.ca