Our Animals

You can see how proud we are to provide families with such nourishing good food. Of course, you probably know that animals raised naturally with love and respect give the most nourishing food. And visiting Alpenblick Farm you can see how much we love our animals!

Robert can call any cow by name and she will come to him! If you think it’s unbelievable, just come for a visit and see for yourself! This is the traditional way of farming the way Robert was raised in Switzerland. It’s the way we’ve always done it and our customers love to see how happy our animals are. It makes them feel good about what they’re putting on the table for their families.

Despite the fact that cattle have not evolved to eat grain, it has become the staple diet of most conventional cattle operations for the simple reason that animals put on weight quickly on a diet of grain – no matter that it can lead to digestive problems, weakened immune systems, and the proliferation of e-coli in the cow’s gut. Grain feeding shortens the amount of time that animal will spend on the farm (getting fed and managed).

Take away the grain and animals like those at Alpenblick Farm take a lot longer to reach a size that is ready for slaughter – one of the reasons why organic meat is more expensive than conventional. On the other hand, you eat less when consuming wholesome, organic food because the nutritional value is very high. You feel healthy and more energetic.

We believe in the natural growing process, therefore grain is not a regular part of our animals’ diet.

These natural feeding practices mean that an 18 month old cow from our farm can weigh up to 600lbs less than one of the same age from an industrialized farm.