Our Animals

"We need to respect the fact that cows are herbivores, and that does not mean feeding them corn and chicken manure."
- Joel Salatin

We believe that grass fed meat from animals raised on their natural diets, with love and respect make for the most nourishing food.  That's why we have our animals out on fresh green pasture all their lives, where they are free to roam and do as they please.  Our animals are also fed clean spring water, they're never given hormones or antibiotics, and they are aged without the use of toxic chemicals like industrial meats you find in grocery stores.

Having our animals out on pasture comes with amazing environmental benefits, like keeping our grass trimmed without the use of gasoline-powered lawnmowers, and building topsoil and animal habitat.  The bottom line is, every bite of food you eat from Alpenblick farm simultaneously improves both your health and the health of the environment.

Why Alpenblick Meat is Superior:

Environmentally Beneficial

Nutrient Dense Food

Aged without chemicals

Animals Fed Spring Water

Supports Local Farmers


100% Grass-Fed

No Hormones or Antibiotics

lambs grazing

Friendlier Animals than at a Petting Zoo

Robert and Petra can call any of their milk cows by name and they will come, similar to a household dog or pet.  This level of compassion and care for the animals is the traditional way of farming that Robert was taught as a child on his family farm in Switzerland.  We love showing our customers how happy our animals are.  It makes them feel good knowing that their food comes from a special place.

Pictures of Our Animals