Organic Farming

Our farm is a very unique farm operation where all the animals are roaming freely and are very tame, including our bulls Boris and Dasher; Elvis, the Miniature Horse and close friend of our Great Pyrenees Dog named Zena; Peggy, our beautiful Jersey, and many more pets. You can find all of them grazing in the fields when you go for a walk. Alpenblick Farm offers a stress free environment for the animals and the people that come for visits. We produce grass fed meat of the best quality.

The Farm

Located only 30 minutes from Ottawa and 15 minutes from Carleton Place, our farmhouse is nestled in a very peaceful setting in midst of fields, forests of pines, spruce and cedars and many varieties of leafy trees on close to 200 acres. This property has always been farmed organically but was officially declared organic in 1972. Our healthy livestock speaks for itself.

A respect for animals and producing food naturally is what drives our farm. We practice organic farming because it’s the way Robert grew up on his family farm in Switzerland. Our high quality of meat derives from pasture raised (grass fed meat, and grass finished) livestock. We offer nutritional advise, and guide you through different cooking experiences. We participate in special agricultural events, fairs and farmers’ markets. Our farm is open to the public for visits and long walks.

The six principles of organic agriculture

The National Standard of Canada for Organic Agriculture is based on these six general principles:

  1. Protect the environment, minimize soil degradation and erosion, decrease pollution, optimize biological productivity, and promote a sound state of health.
  1. Replenish and maintain long-term soil fertility by optimizing conditions for biological activity within the soil.
  2. Maintain diversity within and surrounding the enterprise and protect and enhance the biological diversity of native plants and wildlife
  3. Recycle materials and resources to the greatest extent possible within the enterprise.
  4. Provide attentive care that promotes the health and behavioral need of livestock.
  5. Maintain the integrity of organic food and processed products from initial handling to point of sale.


Benefits of Grass Fed Meat, and Grass Finished Meat

  • Less Fat – Fewer Calories
  • Young grass-fed animals – tender meat – rich in flavor
  • More beta-carotene – lower risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer
  • When animals have access to green pasture their fatty acids are in balance
  • High levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in free-range, grass fed animals (feedlot beef, goat and lamb have high levels of omega-6, could be a major cause of cancer)