Our Customers Say

I have to tell you–your goat meat is the best we have ever tasted. It was superb. The taste is delicious, the meat is tender–oh yes–we will be back for more. And for weight loss not much can pass it’s nutrition, calorie count/oz, saturated fat etc.

And we are amazed at the cheese and Kefir. Couldn’t be better.

Thank you so much.

— Janice Newman

Alpenblick Farm’s meat is so delicious and fresh that it’s impossible for us to buy meat from the grocery store. Now that we have gotten used to the high-quality meat sold by Robert and Petra, we cannot get over the “smell” of grocery store meat. We regularly buy beef, lamb and goat meat from Alpenblick farm. The taste is out of this world and we can make amazing stews, casseroles and curries with the meat. The prices are very reasonable, especially given that the meat is grass-fed and organic. It is also an absolute pleasure to visit the store at the farm because of the farm’s peaceful and picturesque settings. Thank you Robert and Petra for everything you do to make healthy food available to the community.

— Fatima and Jacob

Petra and Robert I can’t believe I finally get to eat cheese! I have been intolerant to many foods for a long time, but I can eat YOUR cheese and milk! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I feel it is full of probiotics by being so fresh and without the packaging covered in preservatives it keeps me safe. I have been able to take your milk and make healthy homemade yogurt in order to bring more probiotics into my gut and repair the damage. When I went down south I took some cheese with me and used it as medicine for my stomach and it worked.

I can’t thank you enough for teaching me what it means to have healthy animal products to eat and for working so hard to provide them for us all.

With much appreciation.

— Bert Farrell

I want to thank you so much for what you do. I know that you work so hard to provide your customers with such high quality meat, and I want you to know that it is appreciated. I wish you could have seen Juliana last night at the supper table. We were eating flank steak from your farm and she couldn’t get enough. She demanded more over and over and was just so happy eating it. It brought tears to my eyes to see her enjoying food so much.

My friend who has a son with severe food intolerances was also successful in getting her son to drink broth made from the lamb shanks that I picked up last time I was there. It is the first food he has ever been able to tolerate and she is so grateful as well for what you are both doing.

— Kim

I wanted to write to you both and say thank you so much for sharing your farm with us.
Barbara told us she was coming and that we could join her, we had no idea how fantastic your farm is and how open and wonderful you both are. Thank you very much, it was a very meaningful experience for us.

— Bradlee Zrudlo

I just wanted to thank you and Robert for such a wonderful and very informative visit today. We really enjoyed your relaxed and open atmosphere at the farm. I am so glad that we could taste your delicious milk as it helped to convince Andy on the idea of drinking and cooking with raw milk. I knew he would like it.

It is so great to meet people that believe in the benefits of obtaining fresh uncommercialized foods and going back to the old traditions of making foods. It is quite encouraging for me as I embark on this new healthy foods journey.

Thanks once again for being so kind and sharing your wisdom. We look forward to learning more with you.

— Lisa and Andy

Thanks so much for having us on Saturday, we all had a fantastic time in your farm and the kids really really enjoyed it. We hope we didn’t stayed too long! We were having such a great time with you and the animals. After visiting the farm we all felt wonderful, I don’t know if it was the energy in your farm, the animals, or the milk but we all felt relaxed, happier… just better! Hopefully we can visit you sometime this summer.

Petra, on Sunday we made some eggs for breakfast and I have to say that they were DELOCIOS!! We can’t wait to try the meat that we bought from you.

— Paola Mateus

Your lamb is the best I’ve ever had. Happy lambs make beautiful meat!

— Judith

Everyone really enjoyed the goat curry at my office party. The meat was excellent.

My family thought the sirloin roast was fantastic…we got several meals and lunches from it. It tasted like the beef I remember from my childhood, when family farms were still common and local meat was what people usually ate. Yours had an even better taste and depth though…it must be because your cattle are pastured all the time.
Even when I was young, I think the cattle were being fed a lot of corn.

The meat from your farm is absolutely superior. I will certainly return, and I hope to bring a friend or two with me. It is very important to me that you are humane with your animals. My mother’s family were dairy farmers, and it was just normal to treat the cows humanely back then, before the second world war. How things have changed.

— Joanne

My family and I came out to your farm several weeks ago to buy some beef. It was delicious! We really enjoyed all of the meat we bought.

— Colleen

The Alpenblick Farm experience was everything that I thought it would be for my son Jude and more! He absolutley loved it. Gained much respect for Robert and Petra, made friends with all the other campers, loved Stephanie’s cooking and vowed to Jason to be back next year. His favourite animal was David the “Guard Llama”.
We watched them on the news last wednesday on CBC – Great promotion for Growing Up Organic!

I have been sending the link to the Youtube documentary of Alpenblick Farm to many friends and family including other livestock farmers that I know…Wonderful inspiration for all!

Thank you to you and everyone involved in the Growing Up Organic movement – it’s going in the right direction.

— Christine

Just writing to say thank you for the delicious meat we’ve got several weeks ago! It was really great, compared to everything that we tried before.

— Vasily Ponomarev