Grass-fed and grass-finished meat has “no extra hormones and no traces of antibiotics — only cleaner and more wholesome meat than ordinary meat by far. Grass-fed animals also live a low-stress life, outside grazing on pasture, in contrast to the stinking, dusty, shadeless conditions in most feedlots.

Grass-fed beef also provides two to four times more essential omega-3 fatty acids than feedlot beef. These omega-3s help protect humans from cancer, depression, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, allergies, dementia, high-blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, heart attack and stroke. Also in grass-fed products, omega-3s and omega-6 fatty acids are in balance, which provides critical protection from heart attacks and strokes. Grass-fed beef is one-third to three times leaner than grain-fed beef, and as a consequence has fewer calories.